November 27, 2021
Tips to get motivation for UPSC CSE

3 Powerful Tips To Get Motivation For UPSC CSE Exam

For an year-long exam that tests your patience and consistency, it is crucial to have motivation for UPSC. Be it any exam, your ‘will’ is the only factor that keeps you motivated to unfold every hindrance that resist you from clearing it. UPSC Exam is one of the toughest exam which needs your attention. If you will not be able to keep yourself motivated then it will affect your performance in the exam.

To become IAS, IPS or to clear the UPSC Exam it is essential for all the civil servant aspirants to keep their eyes on a goal just like Eklavya who kept his focus on his aim to target eye of the fish. As the good and the bad days are part of life, it will be part of your UPSC preparation life-cycle as well. The key here to not let yourself get demotivated on days and time when things don’t fall in place because your demotivation directly or indirectly distracts you from study. In short, if it is really your dream to crack UPSC, then that dream with the help of motivation fuel will balance your two wheel to length the distance of UPSC preparation and helps you to clear all the three phases of UPSC CSE Exam.

Here, in this article your can get some simple tips that will help you get motivation for UPSC exam that will readily help you to enrich your preparation.

3 Elements to get Motivation For UPSC Exam

3 readily available elements which will definitely help you to stay motivated while preparing for UPSC are .

  1. Curiosity
  2. Visualization
  3. Fresh and Healthy Mind

How Curiosity Helps To Boost Motivation

Your study keeps you motivated if you have a curiosity to know more. For this 3 things mentioned below should be followed:

  1. Unfold the exam pattern
  2. Build a schedule.
  3. Build a road map

• First of all understand the pattern of UPSC exam by going through the UPSC syllabus and previous years papers.
• On the second note, build a schedule in such a way so as to cover the vast syllabus of UPSC within a limited period of time so that you have enough time in your hand to revise it couple of times. 
• At last make a day-to-day road-map. That means set a mini targets on a daily basis so that you can achieve it easily without any hindrance. In this way you can follow a road-map to reach your targets by overcoming all the hurdles. In short, if you have a hunger to unfold the concept it holds, then this will surely keep you on track of your UPSC Exam preparation.

For this you can also use daily planning and self-study platform for UPSC, like Examarly.

How Visualization Leads To The Path Of Motivation

The reason that might demotivate or diverge you from the path of learning (while covering
UPSC syllabus) are-
• Sometimes UPSC aspirants score less than expected marks in mock test.
• Unable to understand any concept or topic.

Instead of feeling low and eventually disinterested, seek help from mentors on such topics to horn your weak concepts. For future reference list down the important points or events of such topics in the form of flowcharts, flashcards, mind maps or frame it in tabular form. Whenever you go through your revision notes or study materials try to visualize it. As research suggests that visualization has a greater impact on our studies. In short, mental practice can take you closer towards success.

How Fresh Mind Will Keep You Motivated

First of all, the question that comes in one’s mind is that how one can keep themselves fresh from inside out and that too in such a scenario. So the answer for this is-

Stay away from negativity: Stay away from the people who brings negative vibes or demotivates you for UPSC preparation. For example, sometimes your relatives used to criticize your ideas, or question your capacity. Even some of your classmates used to pass a remark like speaking is not his/her cup of tea or mock at your dressing sense. So making a distance from such people will help you to focus on your studies.

Stay hydrated with positive vibes: That means think good, think positive, think that nothing is impossible. For example you can play music or read inspirational stories of UPSC toppers or go for a morning walk or any kind of practice that you would like will give you positive energy.

Stay Healthy: When you are mentally as well as physically healthy or are at higher energy level then at least your health won’t act as a hurdle in your the way of your IAS / IPS dream. For this do yoga or exercise, stay hydrated, take a sound sleep and resist yourself from negativity. This will keep your mind fresh and maintain your health as well. In short if your mind is fresh or your energy level is higher then you can channelize your energy in a direction of study by resisting you from boredom or feeling low. Hence, this will indirectly motivates you to focus on your UPSC Preparation.

Remember, if you have to motivate yourself then it is you only who can push yourself and no one else will do it. You could be a student aspirant, a home-maker or a person preparing for UPSC with full-time job; this is your cycle and you have to know how to balance your preparation on a road of hurdles leading towards achieving you targets.

If you are demotivated, nervous or low at energy then no problem, have a break on that day. But don’t make it a habit. Always keep in mind that this is your dream to be one of the civil servant in future. If you get shaken up from such obstacles then how you will maintain your position and carryout your duties effectively. As allied officer has to go through many ups and downs to work efficiently. So if you really want to be one of them, then try to be one of them from now on.

Remember this is just a phase of preparation. So keep moving ahead, leaving no space for demotivation.